I will never have to listen to The Pretender, by the Foo Fighters, again

There have been too many times that, while I’m in my truck, I have to listen to the Foo Fighters.

It usually happens when I make an outgoing phone call.  I’ll barely get someone on the other end of the line, when suddenly The Pretender starts playing.  Loudly.  The other end of the phone call can’t hear this, but when I’m using my truck’s Bluetooth, it blasts the other party’s voice, plus this one song, all at the same time.  It’s incredibly annoying.

My solution:  Remove the one song I have left in my iPhones Music app.  It didn’t show up in iTunes on my computer.  But it sure has heck couldn’t be removed from the phone, from the phone, if that makes sense.

Found an article online that suggested repurchasing the song, adding it to the phone, THEN removing it from iTunes and re-synching.

I did this.  Now, over a year later into my truck ownership, that stupid song is gone.  I used to thing it was a decent song.  Now I hate it.

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A nice, fast run with Ryan Wilson

This morning my intention was to run 3 miles, very slow.  Last night I signed up (spontaneously) for a 10k in Charleston, near Deer Creek, which is tomorrow.  So I didn’t want to waste my energy.

But within seconds of starting off (maybe even before I left my property) I saw Ryan Wilson, running south on 2770 West.  He was running at a comfortable pace, so I fell in after him.  I never really caught up to him, but I stayed close as we ran a 0:9:00 minute pace down the road.

When we turned west and headed toward the Provo River Trail, he picked up his pace.  Could he see me?  I had no idea.  I thought that surely he’d hear my heavy breathing and either go a different direction, or just take off and leave me in the dust.  He didn’t.  It turned out he had earphones in, so he was oblivious to my pace or anything else I was doing.

He picked up his pace to an 0:8:00 minute mile, so I followed suit.  But soon we were running a 0:7:30 pace, so I did my best to hang on.  Which I did.  Until I hit the mile and a half mark.  Relieved, I turned around and headed back, letting Ryan go and finish up a four mile run.

I made it back in 24:13, for an 0:8:03 pace.  Not bad, considering we started off at a 0:9:00 minute pace.  I walked over to the park and got a drink of water, then slowly ambled back toward my house, just in time to see Ryan finishing up.  He came over to me and asked me if I was the red shirt he saw out there.  I told him I was and that I’d been chasing him until my turnaround point.

We chatted and I found out that he’s racing in the Speedy Spaniard (he’s from Spanish Fork) tomorrow.  We chatted for a bit, shook hands and then we were off to start our individual Wednesdays.

This was a good run.  I clearly ran faster than normal (thanks, Ryan!), but feel good and energized.  We’ll see, tomorrow, if I went too fast, today.

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A bad, bad 10 mile run on the PRT

The 28th of last month was the last time that I ran long.  10 miles on that day.  Yesterday I ran 10 miles, again, but suffered.

Miles 1-6.  Not bad.  Ran approx 0:8:30′s.  Was happy about that.
Miles 6-7 Noticed that my left hamstring and IT Band and were starting to hurt, just a bit.
Miles 7-10 Horrible.  Too hot.  Haven’t been drinking enough water.
Mile 10  Called Wendy for a pickup.  Haven’t quit a training run in quite a while.

This was a tough run for my confidence.  It told me that I didn’t drink enough and also that I can’t just take long Saturdays off and then expect to rebound.

Also my core strength is beginning to be more of an issue.  I haven’t done core since my scooter wreck on May 31st.  That is unacceptable.  I need this to be a part of my daily (3 days a week?) routine.  Otherwise I think that my IT Band and other important things will become an issue.

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Grumpiness on the Frontrunner

Northbound, at the Point of the Mountain.  I’m sitting upstairs, on the east side of the train, facing north.  Alone in a set of four seats (two seats, facing two seats) I’ve just finished pulling a Grape Propel out of my bag.

A Frontrunner employee stops and asks me to put my bag underneath the seat, explaining, “so that others can sit down.”

There are three available chairs in my section, one of which happens to have my bag sitting on it, next to me.

Typically the way things happen is, when the two other seats fill up, someone will ask me, “Hey can I sit here?”, after which I remove my bag.  Other times I just remove my bag when I realize that others are looking for a seat.  Most of us do this, as train passengers.

The problem I have is that not only are two (or three, if you’re asking me) seats available, but many, many other seats are available on this train, due to the fact that it’s only 7:45 am.

The Frontrunner employee walks off after I give a cheerful “Sure!”, nary a thanks to be given.

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Not quite the sub eights we were looking for…

0:8:01′s.  Even a 0:7:24 third mile wasn’t enough to cover the sins of a slow first mile.  And that’s the lesson, isn’t it?  If I decide to start my watch while I’m not warmed up, I can expect to pay with a very slow first mile.

When I go to race, it’s become obvious to me, that a slow 1 mile jog is profitable.  Warm up, get the kinks out, get my mind ready to run.


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A run to the Bees…

My employer, OC Tanner, took us out to the ballgame, yesterday.  They shut the company down, forced us to leave and then bought us lunch and let us watch the Salt Lake Bees play their opposing team.

The plan was for everyone to walk to the game from work.  It was roughly a mile.  It was hot, though, and I figured if I was going to sweat over a mile increment, I was going to sweat over three mile increments.  I’d rather have something to show for my sweat.

Route to the Bees gameSo I ran a respectable 7:50 pace on this run.  By the end, though, I had some pain in my right hip.  This pain has been around for a while, so I’m going to have to get to the bottom of it.

I wonder if my shoes are not right for me.  Will be looking into this next week.

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Three miles and a good, non-injured run

Went three miles, today.  Kept a high-8′s pace and enjoyed every minute of being able to run without pain.  Felt slight pressure in the last mile of this run (left knee, inside), but all was well.  Iced on Frontrunner and feel fine.

On this run I ran into Guy, a woman from my church ward, and finally introduced myself to two guys that I see on the Provo River Trail, all year round.  I’ve see these guys in the dead of summer and the dead of winter.  Their names are Rod and Kelly.  It was nice to finally stop and say hi.

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Hanging with Lucy at Utah Lake on her birthday

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Took the girls to Chuck E Cheese’s for Luxy’s birthday




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Three miles forward, two steps back

Notice the fast turnover of the Road Runner.

Notice the fast turnover of the Road Runner.

Last night I went for a late-night run (which I seldom do, anymore).  I ran in shorter strides, trying to keep a fast turnover, per many articles and a couple of books that I’ve been reading, lately.

I felt like I was flying.  My heart-rate was up, the scenery was rushing by…I was really impressed with myself.  Every time I felt like I was slowing my turnover, I redoubled my efforts and concentrated on moving my legs, Road Runner, style.

Except something was wrong.  When my run ended, my average pace was 0:7:56 for a total of three miles, which I’ve run many, many times at a much lower effort (frankly I’ve run three miles much faster than this, recently…I think).  So what gives?  Do I lengthen my stride a bit?  Do I just need to turn these legs over, even faster?

So why did I call this post “Two steps back”?  Because at the end of this run, some pain on the inside of my right knee was back.  And pretty intense.  I would have stopped running when I noticed the pain, except I really did.  It didn’t come on until my run was over.  So I walked around the park near my home, to cool down.  It was even uncomfortable walking!  Not cool, man.

And yes, this is the old scooter injury, I’m talking about.

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